Community Events

The Foot Room holds community events such as the FREE Podiatry school and work place screening programmes. This heightens the awareness of lower limb and foot care not only in the children but adults being assessed but their parents and guardians as they need to consent to the podiatrist assessment.  The screening programme gives children/workplace members access to a podiatrist assessment who may or may not visit a podiatrist due to lack of knowledge or awareness to recognise that there is a problem.


The Foot Room holds other community events

The Frontrunner along with Aubrey Podiatry hold a FREE footwear fitting and assessment once a month on a Saturday morning from 10-1pm. Call The Frontrunner (03) 684 7772 to make a FREE appointment with Louise Aubrey.




  We only get one set of feet, so we must look after them,

for them to carry us around for years to come.

For appointments please call (03) 688 9095

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