Let us help give you by giving you a Podiatrists guide to footwear. Footwear are an important for our health and well-being.

Purchasing the wrong type of footwear for the activity at hand can have a negative influence not only on your wallet but on your foot health.

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Podiatrist’s Guide to Footwear: What qualities make ‘good’ footwear.

Finding the right footwear for your feet.

Three Main Categories of Footwear:

We spend a considerable amount of time at work and at school. These footwear need to be comfortable, cushioned and stable – often we are required to have a certain colour which can add to frustration when looking for the perfect shoe.
Life can be demanding on footwear whether you need stability, cushioning, flexibility. Consider your needs when looking for a shoe.
Before you choose your sports footwear you need to consider: the terrain you will be using them on, the stability you need, suitable to your foot type running style, and your personal preferences.
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