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About Us


Specialising in Orthotic Friendly Footwear and Footcare Products

The Foot Room has moved  to The Complex - 300 Hilton Highway, Washdyke, Timaru

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Our Story

The Foot Room has been established by Louise Aubrey – A local Podiatrist and owner of Aubrey Podiatry.

With a wealth of knowledge and over 15 years of experience treating foot and lower limb conditions, Louise knows the importance of foot health and the effects of malignment on the body.

The Foot Room provides communities with access to a range of fashionable and functional footwear for men and women. Louise knows how hard it is to find quality footwear, especially those capable of fitting orthotics as she wears them herself.

The Foot Room not only has a range of footwear but offers access to foot care products used and recommended at Aubrey Podiatry every day. There is an ASK A PODIATRIST form, if a person has a foot or lower limb issue Louise, will provide advice free of charge and give them directly to the appropriate practitioner if not a treatable by a Podiatrist.

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