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Referral Hub

Helpful information about our services and how we support your patients at Aubrey Podiatry. 

We value collaborating and working together to achieve positive health outcomes for all our patients. You can expect communication back to you about your patient – this is a priority as we know the importance of all healthcare practitoners having the whole picture when it comes to a patients health.


At Aubrey Podiatry we are proud of our treatment procedures and ensure quality service, prevention of injury and education to help rehabilitate our patients.

If you have any further questions about referring a patient to us, please do get in touch 688 9095 or

How ACC works at Aubrey Podiatry


ACC may be able to help towards your patient’s treatment costs if they have a lower limb injury caused by an accident or a sporting injury. Please note: ACC may not cover the full cost of their podiatry treatment. Please check with ACC for more detail. 

Aubrey Podiatry can now also provide ACC funded orthotics, bracing for qualifying individuals without the need for a specialist referral. They must have a valid ACC claim to qualify and a consultation with a Aubrey Podiatry is required. ACC Surcharge applies. 


ACC Funded Orthotics, Braces, Moonboots  

Your patients do not need a specialist referral for fully funded orthotics. Aubrey Podiatry can provide 100% fully funded orthotics from ACC making access fast and easy. 


Aubrey Podiatry Podiatry ACC contract covers: 

100% funded foot orthotics 

100% funded ankle and knee braces 

100% funded moonboots 


Who would you refer to Aubrey Podiatry:

Anyone with a recent injury (12 months or less) who you feel may benefit from orthotics, bracing, or a moonboot: 

  • To reduce pain 

  • To increase mobility and activity 

  • Or to return to work 

Anyone with foot or lower limb related issues with ACC or a private patient. The patient can ask Louise a question via this website or call her 688 9019 if they need to know further details.

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