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Video Gait Analysis

When walking, each time your heel lifts off the ground it forces the toes to carry one half of your body weight. The foot absorbs tremendous shearing and loading forces in many sports, the pressure on our feet when running can be as much as four times the runner's body weight. This can easily lead to both acute and chronic lower leg injuries.

At Aubrey Podiatry we deal with many different sports, and we understand that different sports require different needs. We have a special interest in sports podiatry and are experienced in dealing with all lower leg related sporting injuries.

Aubrey Podiatry has video gait analysis facilities that can simply identify any imbalances or overloading with your walking and running and give you the feedback that you need to improve your rehabilitation, increase your performance and educate you on your assessment findings to help  implement strategies to prevent your pain from returning.

Your feet are only one small piece of your biomechanical puzzle. What happens to your feet is merely part of a holistic, whole body, integrated movement pattern. Running, like most other whole-body activities (such as swimming or many field sports), is essentially a unique way of moving. When a gait pattern is analysed it reveals the programming of everything happening within your body—from kinestetic awareness and habits, to individual levels of mobility, stability, flexibility, and functional strength. The analysis of all these different elements taken together is what creates a complete picture of a person's gait.

Compensations in the body lead to imbalance around the joints. The larger muscles (hamstrings, glutes, quads, etc.) become less active, and end up contributing less than their share of the work to move the lower limb and the smaller stabilizing muscles are forced to compensate and do the work of the larger muscles and end up strained or tired. The wear and tear on the stabilizers greatly compromises recovery and your ability to train consistently.



Revealing the inefficiencies and compensations unique to you is the power of true gait analysis. Once uncovered, these inefficient and costly imbalances can be addressed.




If you would like any more information or wish to make an appointment please contact us. Appointments can be made by phoning the clinic on 03 688 9095, or email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.






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