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Footwear and Orthotics

Footwear can play a major part in the management of painful feet. Finding the correct shoe is not always an easy task, especially if you wear orthotics or have foot/leg problems. A comfortable and correctly fitted shoe is paramount to good foot health and the effectiveness of foot orthotics. Gone are the days of ugly orthotic capable footwear. Our podiatrist understands feet and can advise you on a large range of 'orthotic-friendly' fashionable shoes for all occasions; whether that be work, leisure or formal.

Footwear refers to coverings worn on the feet, which originally were to serve as protection against  the environment, usually regarding ground textures and temperature. Footwear primarily serves the purpose to ease locomotion and prevent injuries.

Foot orthotics are devices that provide support for stressed joints and soft tissues.

Firstly, orthotics are not “arch supports”. An orthotic is designed to guide the mechanics of the foot to a precise degree which help the muscles and tendons to perform more efficiently, making standing, walking, and running more comfortable reducing the potential for malaignment which can injury.

Orthotics are inserted in a shoe or boot to correct an abnormal, or irregular walking pattern.

An orthotic is designed to correct any biomechanical anomalies and distribute weight away from the painful area.

Properly designed foot orthotics may compensate for impaired foot function and control the position and motion of your foot.

Aubrey Podiatry offers a wide range of orthoses, custom molded and custom fitted.

We offer the latest technology in total contact foot orthotics. Each patient 's orthotic fitting includes proper education for fitting, wear and care, and prevention of future complications.

What's the difference between custom molded and custom fitted orthotics?

Custom Molded Orthotics

To create this type of orthotic, the orthotist takes a cast impression of the patient's foot and/or leg in a non-weight bearing position using a total contact design. We offer full-length orthotics that can be worn in athletic shoes or a three quarter (3/4) length that can be worn in some casual and dress shoes.

These orthotics are created from pre-molded raw materials designed by our orthotist which are laminated into total contact designs available in different shoes sizes. We can accommodate any shoe such as soccer cleats or track spikes.

Formthotics™ are revolutionary custom medical orthoses, used for the treatment of lower limb injuries as well as for injury prevention, enhanced performance and improved comfort. Formthotics™ were invented by a Sports Medicine practitioner and are successfully used in the fields of Sports Medicine, Podiatry and Physiotherapy. Formthotics™ are thermoformed (heat moulded) to a patient's unique foot shape and shoe type in the clinic. They are 3D milled from closed cell Polyethylene foam which has unique mouldable qualities. They are compatible with biomechanical and neuromotor aspects of lower extremity function.

The effectiveness of Formthotics™ has been evidenced by many independent researchers.

If you would like any more information or wish to make an appointment please contact us. Appointments can be made by phoning the clinic on 03 688 9095, or email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.





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