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Our Fees

All prices include GST
Fess subject to change without notice
Price list effective from 1st April 2021



Payment Options

Accounts and Payment

We appreciate payment of your account on the day of treatment. However, should an account need to be issued an account fee of $30.00 will be issued on the day of treatment.


Office hours for payment of accounts: 9.00am-5.00pm, Monday to Thursday. Payments can be made by Internet banking, Eftpos, Bank Transfer or Credit Card (A surcharge applies).

Private appointments

If you are visit the practise privately, you are responsible for payment of your consultation and any products given to you within your consultation time. The following is an example of products that may be given to you.

  • Orthotics, braces and supports.

  • Foot creams, gels and oils

  • Footwear

  • Tape, felt.

If you have a Health Insurance Policy, it is also important to make sure you know whether your policy covers 100% of any treatment you may need. Some policies have a pre-determined maximum figure that will be paid for a procedure. Where this amount is not adequate to cover the full cost of the appointment or procedure you will be left to cover the shortfall. You will need to collate all invoices relating to your treatment and forward these to your Health Insurance Company for payment, along with any prior approval information provided.

ACC appointments and ACC surgery

If you have been referred to the practice with an accepted ACC claim, ACC will pay part of the cost of your consultation. You will still have a surcharge remaining on the consultation for you to pay. This varies depending on the treatment and service code that you have for ACC. For confirmation, please contact your local ACC office or visit If however your claim is declined, then you are responsible for the account.

Your Rights as a Patient

Eftpos/Mastercard/Visa/Bank Transfer

We accept Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards. You are also welcome to settle your account using EFTPOS. Sorry we are unable to accept American Express, Dinners Club or Cheques.



ACC may be able to help towards your treatment costs if you have a lower limb injury caused by an accident or a sporting injury.


Please note: ACC may not cover the full cost of your podiatry treatment. Please check with ACC for more detail.

Aubrey Podiatry can now also provide ACC funded orthotics, bracing and footwear for qualifying individuals without the need for a specialist referral. You must have a valid ACC claim to qualify and a consultation with a Foot Mechanics Podiatrist is required. ACC Surcharge of $35 applies.

This price list is a guide only. Any price will be discussed before treatment takes place. Prices current February 2022.

For further enquiry please call 688 9095 or email                                                        

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