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I often get asked by my patients what they can do about extremely dry, cracked heels. Cracked heels, also known as heel fissures, are very common and can often be embarrassing. They can be painful as well and lead to unwanted bleeding and infection.

Dry and cracked heels a problem for you or someone you know? Check out our tops tips to help!

Moisturise: Daily moisturising can help reduce dryness and prevent further cracking.

Use a repair cream: Using a repair cream specifically designed for cracked heels will aid in the healing process I recommend Gehwol hydrolipido cream (sold At Aubrey Podiatry)

Hydrate: Drink more water to decrease dehydration, which can cause cracked feet or make them worse.

Get regular pedicures: Regular attention to your feet can keep your heels healthy and reduce dryness and cracking.

Limit wearing open-heeled shoes, synethic soled shoes, sandals, and flip flops as these can make cracked feet drier and more painful. Wear breathable shoes with cotton socks.

I recommend and use Gehwol Hydro lipid lotion for treatment of cracked heels in my clinic

A light textured richly formulated lotion for exceptional care of dry skin. Hydro lipid lotion helps bind moisture in the deeper layers of the skin with the proven ingredients of urea & glycerol. There powerful moisturising effect on the deeper layers improves the critical balance of moisture needed in the cells. On the s

urface the skin becomes more supple & excessive formation of hard skin is reduced.

Skins lipids are replenished thanks to Jojoba & Avocado oils, the skin feels instantly refreshed & comforted & soft on application.

If your heels are not getting better or if you are looking for a podiatrust please phone Aubrey Podiatry 03 6889095

Application: Use morning & night & as necessary throughout the day to relieve & correct dry skin. NON GREASY.

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